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The United States District Court for the District of Nebraska wishes to inform you of the following:

Monday, October 24, 2011

1. Cameras in the Courtrooms Pilot

The District of Nebraska is one of 14 district courts participating in a three-year pilot permitting video recording of civil proceedings.  The local guidelines for the pilot, forms, and other related materials are on the court's Web site at

2. Amendments to the Local Rules

The Nebraska Judicial Council approved amendments to the district court's local rules at its October 21 meeting.  The amended rules will be open for comment for thirty days on the court's Web site at  The rules will then be sent to the Eighth Circuit for approval.

3. Attorney Admission Fee Increase

In September 2011, the Judicial Conference of the United States Courts amended the Miscellaneous Fee Schedule to increase attorney admission fees from $150 to $176, effective November 1, 2011.  The fee for a certificate of good standing also increased, from $15 to $18.  For all fee increases, see > "Miscellaneous Fee Schedules."

4. PACER Fee Increase

The Judicial Conference also amended the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule,, to increase PACER fees from $.08 to $.10 per page, effective April 1, 2012.  To lessen the impact of the increase, the Conference raised the quarterly exemption from $10 to $15 and suspended the implementation of the fee increase for local, state, and federal government agencies for three years.  For more information, see

5. PACER Training Site

PACER now offers a free training site for users wanting to learn how to use PACER or improve their skills.  See

6. Judge Kopf's Chambers

In early November, Judge Kopf will relocate his chambers in the Denney Federal Building.  His chambers phone number will remain the same.

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If you have any questions about these matters, please contact the clerk's office at 866-220-4381 (Omaha) or 866-220-4379 (Lincoln).

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