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Court Calendar

Pursuant to General Order 2020-07, some public court proceedings are being conducted remotely, by video teleconferencing or telephone conferencing. Any member of the public or media wishing to dial in and listen to a remote hearing may request information on how to do so by emailing or calling 402.661.5844. Note: You can determine which hearings are being held remotely by reviewing the Courtroom column on the public schedules. Hearings held in person, for which there is no dial-in option, will reflect a courtroom location for the hearing. Remote hearings will reflect “Internet/Telephonic Conferencing” as the courtroom location.

Persons granted remote access to public court proceedings are reminded that they will not be permitted to speak or participate, and that they may not record or rebroadcast the proceeding. See Fed. R. Crim. P. 53. Violation of those prohibitions may result in removal of access or other sanctions.

2022 Naturalization Ceremonies

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