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Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

The United States Courts for the District of Nebraska is committed to maintaining a workplace free of discrimination and harassment, where respect, civility, fairness, tolerance, and dignity are the norm.

Employment Dispute Resolution Plan

On March 3rd, 2021 the Court approved a new Employment Dispute Resolution Plan, which covers all judicial employees (including judges and chambers staff), provides a procedure to resolve employment disputes through informal counseling, assisted resolution, or, if necessary, a formal complaint. The Plan incorporates employment laws such as Title VII, the Age Discrimination Employment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act; and prohibits discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and abusive conduct such as bullying and intimidating behavior.

EDR Coordinators

National Office of Judicial Integrity

The national Office of Judicial Integrity also provides advice and guidance nationwide about workplace conduct issues, including sexual, racial, and other discriminatory harassment, abusive conduct, and other wrongful conduct. Contact information for the Office of Judicial Integrity can be found here.

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