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Information for Visitors

The federal court is a public forum and members of the public are welcome to visit any federal courthouse during business hours. Except for sealed proceedings or unless ordered otherwise by the presiding judge, all courtroom proceedings are open to the public.

If you plan to visit a federal courthouse, please note the following:

  • You must present government-issued photo identification and submit to a security screening upon arrival at the courthouses.
  • Unless provided otherwise by local rule or court order, all visitors must leave their electronic devices outside the courthouse or, if allowed, with the court security officers at the security screening station. This includes any device, including wearable technology, that captures, records, broadcasts, transmits, or stores anything by use of electronic, photographic, audio, or visual means. Note: Only federal employees with agency identification, attorneys with bar cards, and jurors with summonses may bring electronic devices into the courthouse.
  • No visitor may possess or cause to be brought into a courthouse any weapon or destructive device; exceptions may be made by the U.S. Marshals Office for federal, state, county, and city law enforcement officers and federal probation and pretrial services officers authorized to carry weapons in performing their duties.
  • No person may eat food or use tobacco in a courtroom.

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