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Text-Only Minutes and Orders ruling on Motions for Extension of Time to Answer the Complaint

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Effective Monday, August 2, it is no longer necessary for attorneys to submit a proposed order ruling on a motion for extension of time to answer the complaint. Minutes from court proceedings and Orders ruling on extensions of time to answer complaints will now be filed using a text-only entry in lieu of a PDF documen t. Attorneys shall continue to submit all other proposed orders in accordance with NELR 7.1(a), 7.2, and 55.1.

If no problems arise by the end of October, routine orders that do not need a PDF document attached may also be entered with a text-only entry.

If you have questions regarding this new procedure, please contact our office in Omaha at 1.866.220.4381 or in Lincoln at 1.866.220.4379.

Thank you,
United States District Court Clerk's Office