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Special Announcement: LinkBuilder Program

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Announcing LinkBuilder, a new program that allows attorneys to create hyperlinks easily and efficiently! LinkBuilder is an add-in for Microsoft Word that automates the creation of cross-document hyperlinks between filings in the federal court's CM/ECF system.

LinkBuilder will search a Microsoft Word document for citations to CM/ECF filings and insert a hyperlink to the corresponding file in the CM/ECF system. LinkBuilder can recognize and link to attachments in the record, as well as page-specific references, to create pinpoint access to specific information in the case. Using LinkBuilder will greatly aid the court by creating easy access to documents cited in a brief or pleading. The judge and the law clerk working on the brief or pleading will not have to search CM/ECF for the proper document but will be able to call it up with the click of a mouse.

A log-in and password for either CM/ECF or PACER are required as well as internet access. LinkBuilder is tested and known to work with Word 2010 and Word 2013. (It does not work on the Mac version of Word). By using the LinkBuilder report option in the add-in, users can generate links to the record without incurring PACER fees.

For more information on hyperlinking and to download the LinkBuilder tool, visit the court's Web site at or

While you are there, please take a look at the Attorney Guides to Hyperlinking for information and instructions on a variety of hyperlinking methods and tools, including methods for linking to cited case law and statutes.

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