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Important Information from the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska

Monday, May 9, 2011

1. Revised Petition to Enter a Guilty Plea

The Nebraska Judicial Council for the District of Nebraska approved at its April 2011 meeting a revised petition to enter a guilty plea.  The revised form can be found on the court's Web site at  Use of the revised form will be mandatory as of June 1, 2011.  A Spanish translation of the form will be available in the near future; it also will be posted to the court's Web site.

2. Maximum Fees for Realtime Services

At its March 2011 session, the Judicial Conference of the United States Courts amended the maximum fees that certified realtime court reporters can charge for realtime services.  The new fee schedule provides that all parties to the case who receive a realtime feed will pay the same amount for the service.  If a court reporter provides two or more feeds to the same party to the case, the reporter may charge for each feed based on the total number of feeds ordered.  The fee schedule is on the court's Web site at > "Court Reporting Fee Schedule" at 2.

3. Announcement Regarding PDF Format Change

In the future, the Judiciary will require that all electronically filed documents uploaded in CM/ECF be in PDF/A format.  Currently, CM/ECF accepts both PDF and PDF/A documents.  The move to a PDF/A standard will enhance CM/ECF security and improve the archiving and preservation of case-related documents.  The court has posted information about PDF/A on its Web site at  Please visit the site to learn more about how to prepare for this change.  The Judiciary has not yet set a deadline for requiring all electronic files to be uploaded in PDF/A format.  However, users are encouraged to begin to transition their filings to this new standard as soon as possible.

4. Ethical Complaints Arising in Federal Cases

Pursuant to General Order 2011-02, the United States District and Bankruptcy Court judges henceforth will handle ethics complaints made against attorneys in open or closed federal cases or proceedings, regardless of whether the complaints are filed directly with the district or bankruptcy court or forwarded from the Counsel for Discipline of the Nebraska Supreme Court.  See also General Order 2011-04.  The general orders are located on the court's Web site at  The local rules will be amended later this year to reflect this change in the handling of ethical complaints.

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