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E-Mail Notification of Activity in Cases of Interest Now Available to the Public

A new "Special Mailing Group" (SMG) e-mail notification service is now available in CM/ECF. SMG allows members of the public (such as news services, educational institutions, civic organizations, etc.) to register in CM/ECF, select cases they are interested in, and then get e-mail notifications of activity in those cases. The e-mail notification will also contain links to download any documents associated with that activity (if available).

With an SMG account, users are limited to receiving notice of activity in their selected cases. Users must still have a PACER account to query the system, do research, access docket sheets, and pay for downloading documents. Users who already have a PACER account will not need a new one to register for a SMG account.

Also, users must know the case numbers of the cases they want to follow before registering for a SMG account so that they can be set in the users’ profiles.

To register with the SMG, please click HERE