Community Resources

Medical - Medication Assistance

Together, Inc.

812 South 24th Street - (402) 345-8047: Offers assistance with applying for free or reduced cost prescriptions and medical care.  To receive assistance, you will need a photo id, social security card for everyone living in your house, and a current piece of mail dated within the last 30 days.  If you do not have these items, ask to speak with a case manager to assist you.

Medical - STD Testing

Charles Drew Health Center

2915 Grant Street - (402) 451-3553: Provides STD testing, counseling, and treatment at multiple locations in Omaha.

City of Council Bluffs - STD Clinics

712-328-4666: Call for an appointment.  Testing and treatment offered for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.  HIV and Hepatitis A, B, and C screening, treatment, and counseling available to those who qualify as high risk by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Douglas County Health Department

1111 South 41st Street - (402) 444-7112: Provides testing for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV for individuals age 13 and older.  For females, testing also includes screening for vaginal bacteria and infections.  Treatment and counseling are also offered.  Call for an appointment.  Requires photo identification and $15.00 fee.

Nebraska Aids Project

250 South 77th Street, Suite A - (402) 552-9260: Provides free, confidential, and anonymous HIV testing and counseling with results available the same day.  Screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia is now available at Nebraska AIDS Project for a $10.00 fee, which includes treatment if necessary. An HIV test is required prior to an STD test, and NAP offers testing to anyone age 13 and older. While HIV testing may remain anonymous, STD testing must be done confidentially, which means you will need to provide information such as your name, date of birth, and telephone number.

NuLife Pregnancy Resource Center

143 South 38th Street, Suite B - (402) 399-0299: Offers free STD screenings for men and women, information, and peer counseling services.

One World Community Health Centers

(402) 734-4110: One World offers confidential STD testing and treatment at locations throughout the Metro area.

Planned Parenthood

3105 North 93rd Street - (402) 496-0489: Offers free and reduced cost pregnancy testing, pregnancy planning services, abortion services and referrals, adoption services and referrals, STD testing, treatments, and vaccines, HIV testing, birth control and emergency contraception, LGBT services, men's and women's reproductive healthcare, and women's routine physicals.

University of Nebraska Medical Center - RESPECT Clinic

5050 Ames Avenue - (402) 595-2280: Confidential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases including testing and counseling for HIV.  The clinic is open the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 5:30-7 PM.  There is a $15 fee for testing which can be waived based on the patent's ability to pay.


Boys Town - Common Sense Parenting

(402) 489-1059: Common Sense Parenting is a practical, skill-based parenting program.  Classes are specific for parents of toddlers and preschoolers, school age children, and children with ADHD.  The program addresses issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control, and school success.  Classes are held on the Boys Town Campus and at the National Research Hospital in Omaha.

Boys Town - - Free online resource for parents created and maintained by parenting experts from Boys Town. 

Catholic Charities - Family Enrichment Program

South Omaha - Juan Diego Center - 5211 South 31st Street - (402) 939-4602

North Omaha - Christ Child North Center - 2111 Emmet Street - (402) 453-6363

Offers financial family planning, nutrition and health, parenting classes, personal development, basic skills education (childcare provided at Juan Diego Center), and community involvement programs.


Center for Holistic Development, Inc.

6502 Sorensen Parkway - (402) 502-9788 or 6663 Sorensen Parkway - (402) 453-6869: Offers free parenting classes for all parenting levels.

Child Saving Institute

4545 Dodge Street - (402) 504-3638 or main line (402) 553-6000: CSI's Parent Education 5-week workshop provides class instruction to parents of all ages.  Classes are separated based on the age of the child.  Topics include development, interaction, preventing challenging behaviors, discipline, and self-esteem building.  There is a cost for the parenting program, but assistance may be available for those who qualify.

Children's Hospital and Medical Center

8200 Dodge Street - (800) 833-3100: Offers Parenting U, a series of workshops on a variety of parenting topics.  Workshops are generally in the evenings, food is provided, child care may be available if needed, and all workshops are free.  Registration is required due to limited space.  Register online at

Children's Respite Care Center

Northwest - 2010 North 88th Street - (402) 496-1000 or Southwest - 13336 Industrial Road, Suite 101 - (402) 895-4000: Offers parenting courses for parents of children with special needs.

Heartland Family Service - Positive Parenting

2101 South 42nd Street - 552-7400 (English) or 616-7749 (Spanish):  Positive Parenting is a 12 week class for parents of children from birth to age 12 who want to learn more about developmental stages and needs, appropriate expectations, effective discipline, family roles, and cooperation and independence. Free child care is available. Groups meet once a month. Cost is $75 ($6.50 per class).

Jewish Family Service - Parenting the Love and Logic Way

333 South 132nd Street - (402) 330-2024: Offers a 4 session course intended to expand parent knowledge of children's needs, allow children to grow from mistakes, and teach children to live with consequences.  There is a fee for the course, but scholarships may be available upon request.  Offered twice a year.

Lutheran Family Services - Council Bluffs Center for Healthy Families

300 West Broadway, Suite 7 - (712) 242-1040: Offers pregnancy and early childhood services including pregnancy counseling, pre and post adoption services, early childhood mental health services, parenting programs, sexual abuse treatment for affected children and families, incentive programs, life skills development, and community referrals.

Lutheran Family Services - North Omaha Center for Healthy Families

3040 Lake Street - (402) 504-1733: Offers pregnancy and early childhood services including pregnancy counseling, pre and post adoption services, nutrition education, early childhood mental health services, parenting programs, sexual abuse treatment for affected children and families, incentive programs, training programs, child care for on-site activities, and community referrals.