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October 15, 2002

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

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Effective TODAY (October 15, 2002) all Civil and Criminal Cases have been converted to the Case Management/Electronic Case Files System.

The United States District Court for the District of Nebraska highly encourages all Civil and Criminal filings to be submitted electronically. Effective January 6, 2003, the court will require that all documents submitted for filing in criminal and civil cases be filed electronically. Documents may also be submitted for filing to the Clerks' Office on 3.5"disks in .pdf ("Portable Document Format") format. After that date, conventional paper filing will require authorization by the assigned judge.

Training on Electronic Filing is available from the court. Visit our web page at for more information and to sign-up for training.

Other Notes:

  • A NEW version of the CM/ECF software has been installed.  One major change to note, when you are logged into the system and someone else accesses the system with your login and password, you will receive the warning message listed below.  In order to avoid receiving this message in error, please be sure to click on the word "Logout" at the end of each session.  

    Warning: the account you entered is already logged in.
    This is probably the result of one of these two circumstances:

    You did not click "LogOut" on the top bar when you last used CM/ECF.
    Click the "Continue login" button below to complete the login process.
                  You share this account and someone else is using it.
                  Click the "Cancel" button below to return to the login screen.
                  [if you click the "Continue login" button, someone else using this account will have their CM/ECF session terminated.]
  • The District Court will be holding a "Best Practices"/Question Answer Forum" the week of January 27,2003.  Tentative topics include:

                          - Attorney Panel discussion regarding CM/ ECF within the law firm
                          - Best Practices for Electronic Filing
                          - Review of Administrative Procedures
                          - Review of new Local Rules
       More information will be distributed soon.
  • CM/ECF Help Desk
    For assistance with CM/ECF, contact the Help Desk between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. at 661-7350 option 0 (Omaha) or 437-5225 option 2 (Lincoln), Monday through Friday, if you need assistance with CM/ECF.

                  Toll Free Help Desk - Omaha                 1-866-220-4381, option 0
                          Toll Free Help Desk - Lincoln                1-866-220-4379, option 2
           e-mail the court via our web page. Select CMECF Help Desk.
    • For CM/ECF information on System Capabilities, Attorney Registration Forms, Pacer Registration, getting set up for .PDF (Portable Document Format) and additional CM/ECF procedures please click on