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United States District Court
District of Nebraska
Schedule for 08/01/2014 to 08/01/2014
(Last updated: 07/31/2014 at 10:29)
Date Time Docket No. Inst No. Party Hearing Type
Laurie Smith Camp
Joseph F. Bataillon
08/01/2014 08:30 AM 8:12-cr-00329-JFB-FG3-1 36 USA v. Max N. Lafferty Sentencing
08/01/2014 09:00 AM 8:14-cr-00035-JFB-FG3-1 37 USA v. Juan Pablo Abrajan-Marino - STAFF INTERPRETER Status Conference re Count II of Indictment
08/01/2014 09:00 AM 8:14-cr-00035-JFB-FG3-1 37 USA v. Juan Pablo Abrajan-Marino - STAFF INTERPRETER Sentencing
08/01/2014 02:30 PM 8:13-cr-00452-JFB-TDT-1 32 USA v. Luis Garcia-Guzman - Sentencing
John M. Gerrard
08/01/2014 09:30 AM 4:07-cr-03019-JMG-CRZ-1 64 USA v. Emmett Lloyd Davidson Violation of Supv Release Hrg
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:12-cr-00418-JMG-FG3-3 127 USA v. Quincy Hughes Sentencing
08/01/2014 02:30 PM 8:12-cr-00330-JMG-FG3-1 51 USA v. Rufina Garcia-Rodriguez (INTERPRETER REQUIRED) Sentencing
Lyle E. Strom
Richard G. Kopf
Thomas D. Thalken
08/01/2014 09:15 AM 8:12-cr-00391-JFB-TDT-6 412 USA v. Joshua Wellborn Change of Plea Hearing
08/01/2014 10:00 AM 8:12-cv-03160-JFB-TDT 54 Greis Trucking & Excavating, Inc. v. Union Pacific Railroad Company Status Conference
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:04-cr-00186-LSC-TDT-1 159 USA v. Robin M. Points Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:08-cr-00056-LES-TDT-1 87 USA v. Tony Ray Medina Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:08-cr-00201-LES-TDT-1 51 USA v. Malik Jarmon Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:13-cr-00070-LES-FG3-1 56 USA v. Karl Davidson Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:14-cr-00193-LES-TDT-1 3 USA v. Tony Rey Medina Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:14-cr-00255-LSC-TDT-1 7 USA v. Victor Pascual-Villa Initial Appearance
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:14-cr-00255-LSC-TDT-3 7 USA v. Jose Erives-Rios Initial Appearance
08/01/2014 01:30 PM 8:14-mj-00178-FG3-1 6 USA v. Felipe Lnu Initial Appearance
F.A. Gossett
08/01/2014 11:00 AM 8:12-cv-03128-LSC-FG3 101 Gridiron Management Group LLC et al v. Wranglers et al Pretrial Conference
Cheryl R. Zwart
08/01/2014 09:00 AM 4:11-cv-03180-RGK-CRZ 96 Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Inc. v. Hoffman, LLC Status Conference
08/01/2014 09:45 AM 4:02-cr-03151-RGK-CRZ-1 108 Initial Appearance/Revocation
08/01/2014 10:00 AM 4:14-cr-03043-JMG-CRZ-1 16 USA v. Marc A. Acosta (No int) Change of Plea Hearing
08/01/2014 11:00 AM CRZ/DOJEvaluation
08/01/2014 01:00 PM 4:14-cr-03090-JMG-CRZ-1 9 USA v. James C. Lebo Detention Hearing